4×5 Film Camera

Find yourself getting frustrated due to the mountains of technical information you have to wade through to get a satisfying 4×5 film camera?

No more frustration any more! Because we have collected all the most recommended 4×5 film camera for you. All you need to do is to read our page carefully and buy yourself one.

Happy shopping.

Best 4×5 Film Camera to buy

Calumet 4x5 Camera

The Calumet 45NXII combines precision controls and full image-control movments with incredible value. It features tried-and-true view camera standards that have made Calumet and Cambo cameras the most popular view cameras in the world for the past 20 years.

Toyo Field 45A II Pro 4x5 Technical Field Camera

Weighing only 6 lbs., and folding to a compact size, the rugged, all-metal 45AII meets the demands of pros on-the-go or the most avid 4×5 backpacker. It accepts lenses down to 45mm and up to 360mm telephoto with its tapered 324mm bellows extension.

Toyo View 180-109 45CX Camera (Black)

The new Toyo 45CX features all movements expected of a versatile monorail view camera. Utilizing the standard Toyo 39mm diameter 18 base rail with micro focusing, its interchangeable bellows permit the camera to be folded into a very compact package when taken from the studio to outside locations.

Lomography Diana F+ Medium Format Camera

Dating back to the early 1960′s, the all-plastic Diana camera is a cult legend – famous for its its dreamy, radiant, and lo-fi images. The brand new DianaF+ is a faithful reproduction and a loving homage to the classic Diana – with a few new features tossed in.

Buying Guides
  • “I would recommend this camera to anyone looking for a fun hobby to pursue.” – Lneele00
  • “You will save a lot of money in the long run.” – Laura Woitalla
  • “Apparently, the back was faulty and they said it was a manufacturer’s defect.” – Denise I Delottinville

Diana F+ Colette

Back in the early ’60s, the Diana camera was a cult legend, famous for its dreamy, radiant, lo-fi images. This Diana F+ Colette is covered in colette’s tradmark blue dots and is a new twist on the classic – a faithful reproduction with lots of cool new features thrown in, brought to you by Lomography! New looks, same quality – but the modified version allows you to take pinhole photos, panoramic images, 35mm shots (with Diana F+ 35mm Back), and the option to use special Diana F+ lenses.

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